Our Off Duty Management Advantage

Make off duty management so much easier

Automate your off duty processes with a digital solution, developed exclusively for Police services. Better serve your community by helping you to connect and engage with citizens when and where they want.

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Better community support

Reduce on-premise visits

Finding alternative revenue streams

Safeguard your data

Real-time reporting and analytics

Increase fairness and transparency

More benefits of an Off Duty Management System

Automate your process and save time for everyone involved

Taking requests through phone or email? Are officers booking their timeslot by calling your off-duty admin? Free up their time by moving your entire process to an automated online platform. 

Always available to your community

Being available to the public is important for every law enforcement agency. So why shouldn't your services be too? With our off duty management solution, you will be able to serve residents whenever and wherever they’re available.

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Easy to use

Built for busy law enforcement agencies, our off duty management solution is easy to use. Clean and simple navigation make it easy for support staff or officers to find the information they need. Plus you can stop worrying about notifying the correct people, thanks to PolicePro.tech’s automated email notifications that are sent throughout the process.

Built-in payment processing

No more having to come in to the station to make payments. With PolicePro.tech, the requestor can simply pay their bill through our secure online payment portal.

Ensure your data is protected

Collect information with the peace-of-mind that you’re protected by advanced security measures built into the solution.

Get up & running with our off duty management solution, quickly

PolicePro.tech integrates into your website for a seamless customer experience and it’s so intuitive that anyone can learn to use it. Plus, our specialists will work with you and your team to get your agency up and running in no time.

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An off duty solution for everyone



  • Save time, money and resources 
  • Minimize liability and risk exposure 
  • Get access to real time reporting 


  • Fair awarding processes 
  • Job notifications, job reminders 
  • Calendar view and options


  • Request officers 24/7
  • Accessible application portal 
  • Track status of your request 
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