Needs Assessment Survey

Is your current off duty management process meeting all your needs? How satisfied are you with your current off duty management process? Let’s help you find out if you’re on track or not.

How quickly can your agency answer any of the questions below:

  1. How many details per month, and annually does your agency fill?
  2. How many officers work off duty details at your agency?
  3. Do you know how many off duty details your officers worked in a year, broken down by clients and revenue?
  4. Are you sure nobody worked more hours than the policy allows year-to-date?
  5. Do you have easy access to a report that shows which of your officers are currently working extra duty assignments, for which clients?
  6. Would you say that your current off duty management process is fair and does not give room for favoritism?

Don't have quick answers to some or all of the above?


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Benefits Of our Off Duty Solution

Online Request Booking 24/7

Allow the public to request a police officer for special duty support, like community or school events, at any time.

Instant Payment Processing

Collect payment for paid and special duty requests through with secure, online payment processing.

Secure Administrative Area

Easily navigate the secure administrative dashboard, and set admin permissions for your department.

Manage and Track Submissions

Assign the right police officer to each special duty request, and abide by union rules with customized coding that keeps the entire process fair and transparent.

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