Why PolicePro.tech

In partnership with Police Services across North America, we deliver unique digital products and custom applications that change the way law enforcement and communities interact.

2000+ Officers and deputies using PolicePro.tech
Dedicated support Our account reps are serving officers and understand your needs
20+ years of service

Save time, money and resources

Streamline your agencies internal processes and better connect with your community with digital products that save your law enforcement agency significant time, money and resources.  


A smarter approach to policing

Our talented team of modern developers and digital specialists deliver solutions that incorporate emerging trends and analytics-based approaches. 

With the right digital solutions, your agency will experience increased productivity, greater efficiencies and improved community engagement with your citizens. 

Take citizen engagement to the next level

PolicePro.tech helps police organizations achieve the highest level of public engagement by developing digital solutions with interactive elements and audience engagement techniques unique to the police sector. 

Communicate with your community more frequently and effectively with expertly designed websites. Connecting with the public has never been easier, and you’ll leave your community with a positive experience.

. Our expertise in web design and development for police organizations includes: 

  • Meeting the needs of different communities
  • Keeping your vision and goals at the forefront
  • Enhancing user experiences
  • Promoting citizen engagement
  • Offering accessible content for everyone
  • Maintaining your website through self-service content management
  • Being scalable in order to grow with your organization
  • Keeping your site safe and secure

Built for Law Enforcement

PolicePro.tech's digital products were developed in direct collaboration with our clients. Our unique User Group's continue this partnership by giving our clients the opportunity to share their challenges, experiences and ideas, directly contributing to the product's growth and evolution. 

With staff who have direct experience and knowledge in the law enforcement industry, we know how to build digital solutions specifically for police and sheriff’s departments and law enforcement-owned businesses. 

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