Modern digital solutions for law enforcement Our suite of digital products helps connect law enforcement agencies with their citizens and local businesses - making it easier to do business and access police services. Schedule a free demo

Digital solutions to support your department

Modern website development

With responsive design and easy-to-use content management tools, it's so fast and easy to create, edit and publish engaging, accessible content on your website

Take control of your off duty details 

Automate and streamline every aspect of your off-duty management, from scheduling to invoicing, so you can focus on serving your community. 

Here's how can benefit your agency

Better service to your community

We understand the importance of connecting you with your community. To accomplish that, we design solutions that will enhance the publics access to your agency.

Trusted and secure technology

Get secure, trustworthy, and reliable software that you can count on. With our PCI-compliant data center, you'll have the peace of mind that your information is protected. 

Scalable and flexible

Our solutions are designed for any size agency and provide the greatest flexibility for expansion as needs change and budget becomes available. 

Time savings and fast delivery

Our easy-to-use, intuitive software is quick to set up and automates many repetitive tasks. Plus, the time savings you'll experience will translate into cost savings for your agency. 

A history of innovation excellence

With 20+ years of experience developing digital solutions, and account managers who are police officers, we’ll be able to guide you through your digital journey.



5 ways to overcome technology hurdles at your agency

Bringing new technology into any agency is a challenge. In this online event, we share the most common technology hurdles agencies experience and how you can overcome them with clear, actionable strategies. 

Policing Resources

Five Things to Consider When Implementing Digital Police Solutions

As you invest in modern digital police solutions, here are five things to consider that can improve efficiencies and save time for your organization's people.

FTO Program, Constitutional Law and Case Law Updates

Get insights into the key elements of successful Field Training Officer programs and learn from expert instructors on constitutional policing and case law updates. awarded nationwide purchasing contract with NCSA's Technology Procurement Program

Learn more about the North Carolina Sheriffs Association purchasing program.


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