Making the case: How digital solutions can pay for themselves

Investing in digital solutions can have a huge impact on the operational activities of law enforcement agencies. With the right solution, agencies will experience increased productivity, greater efficiencies, and improved community engagement with their citizens. Digital solutions designed for law enforcement are worth the investment. Here are some ways digital solutions can pay for themselves and help streamline your agency’s operations.

1. Digital Solutions Provide Added Extra Income

Digital solutions increase the level of accessibility and convenience of an agency’s services. With increased accessibility, more citizens can request the services of an agency from the comfort of their homes via their phones or computers. For example, one of our clients using Electronic Police Information Checks (ePIC) remarked that applications by citizens are now up by 60% as they do not need to physically visit the agency to apply. These additional bookings add revenue that may otherwise have been missed.

2. Digital Solutions Reduce Errors and Omissions

Services provided by law enforcement agencies require a high level of accuracy. Digital solutions allow citizens to fill in their own data directly into the system; this reduces errors caused by transcribing or transferring data through multiple people. Digital solutions pay for themselves when the agency can prevent losses (both time and revenue) that would have occurred with manual data entry.  Also, features like a centralized calendar system in a digital solution can help agencies manage appointments with their citizens, making sure no appointment is forgotten or missed. This in turn helps the agency to effectively manage its relationship with its citizens.

3. Digital Solutions Promotes transparency and Closes Operational Gaps

When internal personnel in a law enforcement agency are all on the same page, organizational gaps disappear. Digital solutions provide the tools for agencies to streamline efforts both internally and externally. Redundancies are eliminated, communication is seamless, and everyone works productively and efficiently making sure citizens are satisfied.

For example,’s Off Duty solution allows officers to bid for off-duty details through a system that is transparent and complies with the agency’s policies. This in turn eliminates favoritism and makes sure the right officer is matched to the right job. Also, the entire off-duty process from officer request to payment and reconciliation is automated, reducing operations gaps and errors that usually accompany traditional off-duty management records. 

4. Digital Solutions Save Time and Keeps Agencies Working

In the 21st century, agencies staying connected with their communities is more important than ever, and digital solutions can help facilitate that connection. Requiring in-person visits and paper forms is time-consuming and cumbersome for everyone, so it’s much more convenient to provide these tools to officers and citizens on their phones or home computers. For example, one client using our Off Duty solution reported that they now save 75% of their time previously spent on repetitive administrative tasks for more productive activities.

5. Digital Solutions Provide Analytics and Reporting

Some agencies have a dedicated resource whose role is to manually collate and sometimes interpret data. With a digital solution, such information gathering, along with graphs and other visual reporting, can be built into the solution even before it’s deployed.

Traditional methods of providing services to citizens waste time and money. A digital solution easily pays for itself by increasing productivity and reducing errors. Streamlined communications and convenient digital tools improve the relationship between an agency and its citizens by making services easily accessible to them.

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