Technology and Policing: 3 Must-Have Digital Products For Your Agency's Toolbox 

Software should be a part of every police agency's toolbox -- it can help save money, increase productivity, and enhance service. In this webinar, law enforcement officer Jody Beyer reviews 3 must-have digital products each designed to streamline day-to-day operations, provide higher levels of service and improve overall efficiency.

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Jody Beyer | 15-year Tenured Law Enforcement Officer

Jody is a dedicated law enforcement officer & public speaker eager to assist law enforcement agencies to improve their operational processes. She has a proven track record of commended performance in functional agency needs and teaching public safety awareness to citizen groups, with a passion for public service and a commitment to optimizing success.

Her core competencies include budgetary management, operational planning,
risk mitigation, operational best-practices, community outreach program development, and transformational driven leadership.